Buying Spare Parts: Why It Is a PAIN!

Why Buying Spare Parts Is a PAIN!

Buying spare parts, whether OEM or Aftermarket, is a huge headache for most consumers!

If you live, you will understand where we are coming from on this easily.

Shall we start at the beginning? Good.

Where To Buy Genuine Automotive Parts

#1. Who Sells What Parts Where?

The first major problem is finding who in the first place sells which spare parts. For whatever reason, spare parts dealers, suppliers and shop are quite "shy" about letting consumers know that they exist! Kind of strange, you would think, for businesses that rely solely on selling physical products to their consumers.

When spare parts dealers, suppliers and shop see consumers walking in and out of their shops, we believe they assume "everyone" knows about them and therefore see no need to shout from the roof-tops. Nothing would be further from the reality on the ground.

#2. Analogue vs Digital

The second problem lies with today's lifestyles and how consumers would prefer to get spare parts for their various machineries. Years ago, people used to depend almost 90% on word of mouth from their family, friends or close acquaintances to get information. Today, those close, daily interactions on a one-to-one setting are becoming more and more difficult to come by.

#3. Spare Parts Pricing

The third problem is pricing. The parts dealers and suppliers who are generally known by the consumers are the big players in the market. So what's the problem? Their parts are way, way too expensive! If you live in any part of Africa and are looking for spare parts, especially for the big brand machinery, you might need to seriously consider robbing a bank or two just to buy parts!

#4. Time Taken to Source for Spare Parts

The forth problem is the time it takes to source for these parts. Most dealers and suppliers do not have an efficient telephone or email parts ordering system in place. This means you need to physically go over to their premises, or, if you are lucky, get someone to send, in order to buy a part. This really puts off a lot of consumers.

Africa Spare Parts Blog

Spare Parts Blog

This blog was started on Tuesday, 14th May 2019 to ramble and muse about spare parts.

As always, we would love to hear your thoughts on the spare parts industry. Take a moment and drop us your comments below!

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Comments (2)

Mbugua Kinyanjui(Nairobi, Kenya)says...

Wow! Let's see how this works out. One thing for sure is we will support you to the end. Can you also have a way for people across Africa to exchange information on where to get various types of spare parts for all kinds of machinery?

That would be very helpful to a lot of people.



Hi Mbugua!

Thank you for your encouragement. Indeed we have already added your suggestion as explained below.

If you, and all other site users, can check the top of this page (Header Menu), you will see two links; one titled "Ask for Help" and another one titled "Help Others"

1. "Ask for Help"

If you require help in locating a specific spare part or spare parts for any machinery, this is where you post your request and it will be viewed by other users who, if they have an answer for you, will provide you the details you require.

2. "Help Others"

If you have a helpful spirit, most people have, this is where you will log in and see if there is any posted question that you are capable of answering accurately and that will help another person solve their spare part headache.

We believe that for everything you are searching, there is someone somewhere out here with your answer!

In both services above, utmost confidentiality of contact details and personalised information will be guarded jealously.

So thanks once again Mbugua and let's keep pushing the envelope.



John Gitare(Narok, Kenya)says...

Hi guys!

Like you said, everything starts at a certain time and specific place.

We admire your courage in starting a blog and making everything about your journey publicly visible!



Thank you John!

Your comments are very much appreciated. You are the fuel we need to make this journey fun, enjoyable and most importantly provide USEFUL and actionable information to others in our community.

Warmest regards

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